School Workshops

House Party Songbook Workshop – Music and History: Singing Our Stories. This is a highly interactive look at various aspects of the American experience. (this can be tailored to grades 1-9).
Teacher Workshop – Making a More Musical Classroom. In this workshop we help educators – musicians and “non-musicians” alike – discover ways to make the classroom come alive with songs from near and far. This workshop can also include a section about how to collaborate and write songs with students.
Music History Workshops – Dan and Claudia cover a lot of musical ground. In addition to the folk traditions that are included in their song book they have a solid knowledge of jazz, Haitian, and roots rock and roll.

Music for Neuro-Diverse Audiences

Claudia is a board certified music therapist, she and Dan are well versed in performing for communities with special needs.
Nursing Homes – Dan and Claudia have a wide range of songs from days gone by that they enjoy sharing with geriatric communities.

Collaborations with local musicians, rappers, and dancers

We have a long history of working with youth groups and intergenerational ensembles from a wide variety of traditions, everything from west African drum and dance to Peruvian Andean music, tap dancers, mariachis, MCs and beatboxers, Puerto Rican bomba and jibaro groups, old time string bands, a Filipino string ensemble, Mexican son jarocho groups, Pacific coast Colombian folkloric bands, Haitian roots groups, youth orchestras, choirs, etc. These collaborations make our performances come alive and have also been a great way for venues to reach communities that might not otherwise get invited to the place. And, of course, it always excites the audience to see their neighbors up on stage.